Cage Depart from me

martes, junio 09, 2009

Aqui le dejo el ultimo trabajo de Cage titulado Depart From Me es su segundo album bajo el sello de Definitive Jux.


  1. "Nothing Left to Say"
  2. "Beat Kids"
  3. "Dr. Strong"
  4. "I Found My Mind in Connecticut"
  5. "I Lost it in Harverton"
  6. "Teenage Hands"
  7. "Eating It's Way Out of Me"
  8. "Kick Rocks"
  9. "Katie's Song"
  10. "Strain"
  11. "Fat Kids Need an Anthem"
  12. "Look at What You Did"
  13. "Depart from Me"
  14. "I Never Knew You"
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